Giclee Prints Archival Inks on watercolor paper Limited Editions printed at Trillium Graphics, Brisbane, Ca



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Honeysuckle 17 x 12

Orchid Pair 11 x 17

Phalenopsis 36 x 23

Purple & Yellow Cattleya 11 x 16

Dwarf Poinciana 21 x 13.75
Red Jade Vine 18 x 17
Purple Catteya 18 x 28
Red Vine Series II
Red Jade Vine Series II
Shell Ginger 12 x 19
Spider Lily 30 x 22.5
Torch Ginger 36 x 26
Water Lily 30 x 20
Artichoke Flower 17.5 x 22
African Tulips 14 x 11.5
Black Cactus 16 x 24
Magnolia 15 x 22
Dwarf Poinciana (vertical) 18 x 28
Spider Lily 30 x 22.5
Hibiscus11 x 15
Hanging Haleconia 11 x 16.5
Lobster Claw Heleconia 11 x 17
Iris 14 x 20.5

Artist's Viewpoint:

Flowers are one of the most fascinating life forms on the planet. They are, at once, beautiful and strange. Their intricacies are not apparent at a glance or even a closer look to many people but to those of us who are attracted by them, they afford an amazing, infinite variety of forms and colors. They have entranced me since childhood and today, using the photographic image as a stepping-stone, I have found a way to explore their beauty using a digital darkroom, not only as a photographer, but as a painter, using the desktop as a canvas with the wonderful tools that Photoshop affords. I have been fortunate to spend much time in Hawaii over the last few years and there, discovered the really unusual and surreal flowers that only grow in the tropics. They are simply magnificent. My intention is to present them in such a way as to enhance through abstraction the particular qualities that I find so amazing. I have photographed landscapes and wildlife throughout my life but it is in the macro image that a new world unfolds and that has caught my imagination. Add to the mix the endless surprises that improvising with Photoshop brings and the process of creating these images is akin to playing music by ear, only in this case, it is by eye.

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